Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Thank You.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered for and contributed to my State House campaign. Some 350 people contributed, and dozens of people volunteered, some of whom canvassed and lit dropped their own neighborhood six times!

It really is humbling to see how much work--by all of you--goes into a campaign like this. It also is humbling to have the support of respected leaders who have accomplished so much for our community.

Now comes the hard part--delivering on our shared goals. I promise to work hard on the issues we've talked about over the last few months, and I hope the legislature can continue to make progress, as we often have in Alaska, working on a bipartisan basis.  Please continue to stay in touch, or by phone. Thank you, Zack

Sunday, November 4, 2018


November 6th is rapidly approaching. On election day, polls will be open 7am-8pm.  In addition, you can vote early in-person at Anchorage City Hall, or the Division of Elections office at 2525 Gambell Street.

Please note that you can cast a ballot at the Division of Elections office regardless of where you are registered in Alaska. Moved to Anchorage from Southeast? Please, still vote. Moved within Anchorage? Your vote should still count. When in doubt, go into the Division of Elections office and the elections staff will help you find the right ballot. I hope you can vote for me, but the most important thing is to be able to vote, period.

If you need more detailed information, including the location of your polling place, go here:

Thank you to campaign contributors

Thank you to nearly 350 people who have contributed to this campaign. It is a bit surreal to think about how much money it takes to run a decent campaign, and thus how much you rely on friends to help get you across the finish line. To everyone who's dug deep and contributed (and in many cases, volunteered on top of that): Thank you.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Endorsement: Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii

One in four women has used a Planned Parenthood health clinic for essential health services ranging from family planning to cancer screenings.  Planned Parenthood doesn't just provide health services, but also contributes to economic security and opportunity for working families.  I'm honored to have Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii's endorsement this year.  -Zack

Monday, July 23, 2018

Zack Fields Raises Nearly $35,000 for District 20 Primary

Fields leads in overall cash raised, donors, and has most surplus cash-on-hand 

ANCHORAGE: Zack Fields reported $34,799.78 raised during the first reporting period for the Democratic primary. Zack received donations from more than 200 individual donors demonstrating impressive grassroots support for a first-time candidate.

"Thank you to the hundreds of Alaskans who have contributed to and volunteered for my State House campaign," said Zack Fields.  “I am proud of the strong support I have earned on the campaign trail, but we aren’t done yet. I will be out knocking doors, putting up signs, and engaging volunteers so I can earn every last vote to represent District 20.” 

To date, Fields has knocked on thousands of doors in the district and talked to hundreds of voters one-on-one.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Alaska Center Endorses Zack Fields for State House

Influential conservation and democracy group endorses in Democratic primary, and general election

Anchorage: The Alaska Center has endorsed Zack Fields for House District 20 in both the Democratic primary and the general election. The Alaska Center is an influential grassroots non-profit that supports salmon fisheries, clean low cost energy to address climate change, and Alaskans' voice in the public process.

"I am honored to have the support of The Alaska Center, and will continue working with the organization's members and leadership to achieve our shared goals," said Zack Fields. "Multiple Alaska communities are at risk of being destroyed by coastal erosion, while ocean acidification and rising sea temperatures--in addition to the proposed Pebble mine--threaten Alaska's fishing industry. With the Trump administration amplifying these threats, the role of the state legislature is increasingly important to protect Alaska's resources and economy," Fields added.

"Zack Fields has been an incredible volunteer advocate with The Alaska Center for years, and we know he will stand up for our shared values in the state legislature. We look forward to working with him to advance policy that will create a just and sustainable future," said said Alaska Center Executive Director Polly Carr.


Thank You.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered for and contributed to my State House campaign. Some 350 people contributed, and dozens of people volunte...